Tresures from the Basket (Street)

Today I will take you for a walk through Koszykowa street.

The streets’ name originates from a farm/village called Koszyki, which literally means baskets. Where any baskets ever manufactured here? The place is full of willows, Chopin’s’ favorite trees. The raw materials were easily available, so why not?

The street, divided into three parts, is situated in the south part of the city center, an area which gives you idea about how Warsaw looked before the nazi pyromaniacs came. But still, the street didn’t remain intact and, next to tenement houses, you will spot some modernist buildings filling the gaps in the frontage. During the stroll you can also imagine how the communists wanted the City to look like, you will also find out how much some developers “care” about the City and, at the end of the walk, you will discover a hidden treasure.

Let’s go! Follow me, the famous little bear, and remember to read my commentaries under the pictures.