Industrial fun continues

Details from my industrial trip.

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Industrial Warsaw

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About my strange passion for changes

If I were to chose one thing that is the most exciting for me, it would be changes.
I know it’s kind if a broad term, but I think it is the only adequate one.

My favorite time of the day is sunset, and the so-called gray hour, when it is not yet night but the daylight is already gone.

My favorite time of the year is the end of one season and the begging of the new one. You never know what it is going to be like outside and sometimes you can be surprised by a beautiful sunny day in the middle of foggy October.

My favorite weather is the one just before a storm, when everything is quiet but on the horizon you can already see the dark clouds and observe the rain that is falling many kilometers from where you are. I like to wait for the storm will catch up with me, get a little wet and only than look for some shelter. Have you ever noticed what birds do during storms and heavy wind? They throw themselves right in the middle, let the wind carry them up and down and in circles, than fight against it, than surrender again. And only when they are utterly exhausted by the struggle will they give up.

This is kind of a time of changes for me in life as well- new job, new studies, new blog 馃檪 I wonder how it will聽all聽go…

New industrial discovery

I’ve always liked old industrial architecture. It is so simple in its’ functional forms, and I always found the most simple things the most beautiful. I enjoy going to old abandoned factories, because they seem very appealing to me – lonely and lyrical.

This Thursday I went to the city center for some meeting and to my surprise I found myself in a extraordinary industrial area, full of modernist buildings, strange metal constructions, pipes and all that old rusty technical stuff. The walk was especially enchanting, as the weather was just as I like it. Somewhere between seasons, in bright sunlight but with a cold breeze that foreshadowed a storm. The last sun rays casted shadows of autumn trees over the crumbling buildings.

Above a gallery of photos of buildings from the plant, next time I will share some pictures of details.