Take a 3D walk in the center of Warsaw

Hi guys!

Today is a lovely sunny day, do how about taking a walk in Chmielna street – the traditional meeting point for Saturday afternoons, also popular amongst punks at every time of the day and night. There is a great site where you can stroll through a part of Chmielna online – http://www.chmielna3d.pl/

Below, you can see a recording of my walk, with some great polish rock in the background (Water water by Stirwater).

What is missing – definatly the punks playing there guitars and asking everyone for money, and of course Czarny Roman – a very elegant and a bit crazy man, who likes to hang around in the area, informing passerby’s about the imminent end of the world (a huge comet is heading towards Warsaw and do on…)

Have fun in Chmielna, and don’t forget to buy some kebab.