Why is Warsaw so chaotic? Discover the hidden strategy!

Mysterious reasons for the existence of gated communities, giant shopping centers, a huge square in the middle of the city center and more.

Find out why only Warsaw can survive the attack of ALIENS.

I promise this video will change your perception of Poland’s capital.


Take a 3D walk in the center of Warsaw

Hi guys!

Today is a lovely sunny day, do how about taking a walk in Chmielna street – the traditional meeting point for Saturday afternoons, also popular amongst punks at every time of the day and night. There is a great site where you can stroll through a part of Chmielna online – http://www.chmielna3d.pl/

Below, you can see a recording of my walk, with some great polish rock in the background (Water water by Stirwater).

What is missing – definatly the punks playing there guitars and asking everyone for money, and of course Czarny Roman – a very elegant and a bit crazy man, who likes to hang around in the area, informing passerby’s about the imminent end of the world (a huge comet is heading towards Warsaw and do on…)

Have fun in Chmielna, and don’t forget to buy some kebab.

Which cities do you prefer: museums with historical atmosphere or ever-changing organisms?

Hi, hello, this is my first post here:) I will be writing about architecture, urban space and, who knows, a lot of other stuff.

So this is Warsaw … all this and so much more.

I once enjoyed mostly cities with long rows of tenement houses, living museums, where you can still walk on medieval cobblestone and the only modern building you have to enter is the bus station.
But it changed. Nowadays I want to see cities which are changing, evolving, where styles melt into a specific mixture. Yes, I weep for all those palaces Warsaw lost forever and yes, I regret some scars left on the face of our City by communist cavemen. But still, a stroll through Warsaw can be an adventure not only for those who are interested in architecture. And if, surrounded by baroque churches, modernist villas, soc-realistic edifices, commie blocks and glass skyscrapers, you will ask yourself a question about the identity of the City, you can come to the conclusion that this strange juxtaposition is actually Warsaw`s uniqueness.
I will soon take you to some places which represent this amalgam.

Projekt Warszawiak – an old/new warsaw anthem

The most popular music video of this summer is redoubtably “Nie masz cwaniaka…” by Projekt Warsawiak. It has won a lot of prizes, amongst others best music video, witch is outstanding because it is really low budget. In fact the authors claim that it was “created with no budget and with help of good willing people”.

The melody and the clip are new, but the lyrics themselves are well known to everyone living in Warsaw. They have been written by Stanislaw Grzesiuk, a famous writter, poet and singer and can be even considered somewhat of of an unofficial anthem of Warsaw. More or less it is all about how sly and clever the inhabitants of Warsaw are, and what will happen to you if you criticize their city:) His songs are also interesting because of the specific pre-war dialect he uses. In fact many new projects are springing in the country, that are trying to take up local dialects and use them in modern music. Some of them are projekt slązak, or the work of rapper Góral. But, hay we are here to talk about Warsaw, aren’t we?

Below the new and old version of the song. Which one do you like more?

Revenge of cyclists

This is a film that recently became very popular on the web. Although in the end it turns out its a ad for a clothing company it is mostly controversial because of the violent anti-pedestrian message. For me it was quite funny, because I cycle a lot in the city and I often have to deal with rude drivers and pedestrians. Often they just don’t get that it is a normal means of transport for some people (“go ride in the countryside!”, “get a car if you want to drive in the street”).
Recently I was crossing a park on my bike and a dog bit my leg. I complained to the owner, and she said: “it’s because you damn cyclists go everywhere with your bikes!”

Now that’s what I call a violent message!