Post-war Warsaw in colors

What has inspired me always the most about Warsaw was its’ ability to be rebuilt from the ruins. But can we deal with more photos of destroyed city? Or did we just become resistant for them?

Black-white photos of Warsaw very often leave me with a strange impression of studying HISTORY which is so distant that has become almost unbelievable. Such HISTORY doesn’t feet to our reality. It’s like dealing with a different dimension. And what if we bring some colors to it? And I don’t mean some fake pictures, but photos originally taken on Kodachrome film? That’s what happening if we look at color photos taken in 1947 by New York photographer Henry N. Cobb during his stay in Warsaw.

Astonishingly post-war Warsaw streets are becoming closer. Girl’s brown dress and a pomegranate car passing by bring life to these views. I’ve also realized one funny thing: it looked the most realistic when I could finally say to myself: “Oh, it’s almost like a film plan!”


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